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Kazan, Russia

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Russia entered the list of the main areas of interest to Muslim tourists. This was reported in the press release of MasterCard, arrived in edition "". The corresponding conclusion was made by the drafters of the Muslim Travel Index 2015 Shopping, examined the preferences of religious tourists.The list includes 40 cities in the world. The Russian capital is located at 39 place. The best shopping destination for the Muslim travelers was named Dubai, in second place is Kuala Lumpur, followed by Singapore. London took the fourth place ranking, Paris —16th, new York-19th, Tokyo — 27th, Amsterdam — 31st, and Rome — the 38th.It is noted that the rankings take into account a wide set of indicators such as the abundance of shopping offers, the friendliness of Muslims and service in airports. Also, the rating's authors drew attention to the visa requirements for food service establishments serving Halal food, and how safe for a tourist is to stay in each city.The study revealed that in 2014, Muslim travellers spent on the purchase of 36 billion dollars, 26 billion was the cost of food.In September last year in Moscow appeared the first Halal hotel. Certification to provide services in accordance with Shariah passed the hotel "Aerostar" on the Leningrad prospectus.According to the report, Global Muslim Travel Index 2015, the number of Muslim travellers in 2014 amounted to 108 million people (10 percent of the total number of tourists), and the turnover of the industry exceeded $ 145 billion. According to forecasts, by 2020 this figure will increase to $ 200 billion.
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Bauman Street (Kazansky Arbat)

Bauman street originates from the Kazan Kremlin and ends with a square named after Gabdulla Tukay. Bauman street is the Central pedestrian street of the city of Kazan, which is often called the Kazan Arbat. One of the oldest names of this street – Bolshaya Prolomnaya. Bauman street is very popular among tourists, and there are a number of reasons, chief of which is, of course, the presence of a huge number of sights of Kazan.

Watch in Arabic style

Monument the clock is located on the Central square of the city. The composition is made of bronze. It is set high up in the column, therefore, is visible from afar. In addition to the hours, painted Arabic letters, they placed the figure of the Muse, of the boy playing the tune and Pegasus. Monument attracts attention, by just will not go, I want to study and what is it is.



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