Peru: El Tarico de Los Incas

Lima, Peru

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Tour Package: All local transportation, accommodation, breakfast, guide, entrance fees to sites, and selected meals are included. English speaking guides will accompany the group throughout the trip. The different modes of transport include 3 domestic flights, taxis, mini-vans, river boats, buses and trains. International flights are not covered and would need to be arranged separately. However, we can provide guidance on the most appropriate routes to and from your country of departure. The exact itinerary is subject to minor modifications depending on the size and composition of the group, as well as local circumstances at the time of the tour. Each day there will be a short briefing, important historical events and landmarks will be highlighted by our guides, while there will be spiritual reminders given from time to time. Overland journeys may be tiring and sometimes uncomfortable due to changes in altitude, temperature and humidity, therefore a basic level of fitness is required to fully benefit from this trip. Days will begin relatively early at around 8.30 am but exact times will be provided by your guide. Highlights: Plaza de Armas Central Mosque of Lima Ruins of Huaca Pucllana Amazon Jungle Sacred Valley of the Incas Inca Trail Machu Picchu Ruins of Sacsayhuamán Main Locations: Lima, Puerto Maldonado, Ollantaytambo, Aguas Calientes, Cusco. Additional Locations for Extended Tours: Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, Arequipa. Getting There: Since international flights to and from Peru are not included in the package you are advised to book flights according to the dates advertised. The exact arrival and departure dates, along with preferred flight times will be discussed at the time of booking. Arrival Destination: Jorge Chávez International Airport [LIM] Departure Location: Jorge Chávez International Airport [LIM] Upon arrival in Peru our local operatives will receive guests and look after all transportation requirements within the country until they are dropped off again at the departure airport. Accommodation: Good quality 3 or 4 star hotels in convenient locations will allow you to easily reach the most important attractions. Participants will normally spend 1-2 nights in each city or town. Breakfast is provided. In the standard package there will be 2 beds in each room (twin rooms) or 1 double bed for couples. There may also be the option of 3 beds (triple room) for larger families subject to availability. Other features include en-suite bathroom with shower and toilet, air conditioning, wi-fi internet connection (except in the Amazon) and satellite TV.
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Plaza de Armas

The Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas of Lima, is the birthplace of the city of Lima, as well as the core of the city. Located in the Historic Centre of Lima, it is surrounded by the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop's Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union.

Central Mosque of Lima

The statistics for Islam in Peru estimate a total Muslim population of 5,000, largely based in the capital of Lima, Peru; a number which has remained static since 1980. Islam was historically introduced by Spanish Moors, although today's population is almost entirely of Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian origin.

Ruins of Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana or Huaca Juliana (possibly from Quechua wak'a a local god of protection, a sacred object or place; sacred, pukllana game) is a great adobe and clay pyramid located in the Miraflores district of central Lima, Peru, built from seven staggered platforms. It served as an important ceremonial and administrative center for the advancement of the Lima Culture, a society which developed in the Peruvian Central Coast between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD.

Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle of Peru covers near two-thirds of the country, stretching along the eastern slopes of the Andes. This dense Jungle region is vast and many impenetrable for tourism, but there are several areas which have developed over the last 20 years specifically for tourism and research purposes.

Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Sacred Valley is a region in Peru's Andean highlands. Along with the nearby town of Cusco and the ancient city of Machu Picchu, it formed the heart of the Inca Empire. Stretching roughly 60 kilometers, it’s an area of fertile farmland and Spanish colonial villages like Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Pisac is known for its Sunday handicraft market and hilltop Incan citadel.

Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (also known as Camino Inca or Camino Inka) is a hiking trail in Peru that terminates at Machu Picchu. It consists of three overlapping trails: Mollepata, Classic, and One Day. Mollepata is the longest of the three routes with the highest mountain pass and intersects with the Classic route before crossing Warmiwañusqa ("dead woman"). Located in the Andes mountain range, the trail passes through several types of Andean environments including cloud forest and alpine tundra. Settlements, tunnels, and many Incan ruins are located along the trail before ending the terminus at the Sun Gate on Machu Picchu mountain. The two longer routes require an ascent to beyond 4,200 metres (13,800 ft) above sea level, which can result in altitude sickness.

Ruins of Sacsayhuamán

The Inca ruins of Sacsayhuaman, Q'enko, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay are situated quite close by to Cusco and can easily be visited in half a day, either independently or part of an organized tour. The ruins are located along the road to Pisac, with Sacsayhuaman being the nearest ruin to Cusco.

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Peru: El Tarico de Los Incas