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О городе

Konjic is a town and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a mountainous, heavily wooded area, and is 268 m (879 ft) above sea level. The municipality extends on both sides of the Neretva River. The town of Konjic, housed about a third of the total municipality population. The city is one of the oldest permanent settlements in Bosnia, dating back almost 4000 years; the city in its current incarnation arising as an important town in the late 14th century. You can do Rafting and Hiking in Visočica Mountain range. The mountains offer numerous opportunities for trekking, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, etc. There's also a nice lake "Boračko jezero" with a campsite and a restaurant. The lake lies near a route to Visočica mountain range. You can now use Halal Guide app to locate halal restaurants, takeaways, mosques etc. or use HalalDelivery app to order food online.