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Today Moscow is officially home to about three million Muslims every year comes a huge number of labor migrants from Central Asia. A number of the followers of Islam is nothing but four (!) mosque. The lack of mosques intended to replace about 15 houses of worship, but that's not enough. More recently, at the time of the prayer, the Muslims began to allocate exhibition center, designed for 30 thousand worshipers. The rest of the time for performing the obligatory prayers, Muslims are forced to huddle in prayer rooms, Muslim shopping, Halal cafes and restaurants, Islamic organizations, and even apartments on rent which are added by visitors. Muslims, however, very active. The capital has about 50 different non-profit Muslim organizations. So, in addition to traditional Russian Islam educational institutions, charitable foundations and youth organizations, successfully developing Muslim social and political media, children's educational and developmental magazine, broadcasts first Islamic TV, Islamic radio, books published.

Moscow Central Mosque
Park Pobyedy
Cosmonautics Museum
St Basil’s Cathedral
Novodevichy Convent
Red Square, Kremlin
Russia: Golden Horde Tatars & the Middle Volga

Spanning over eleven time zones and two continents, Russia is the largest country in the world with an array of rivers such as the mighty Volga, forests and towering mountains and a rich and at times tumultuous history stretching back centuries, the Land of the Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Tsars, Lenin and Stalin is a truly fascinating place to explore. Islam entered Russia via the Caucasus over a thousand years ago and Muslims now make up nearly 20% of the population with the majority strategically placed in the Volga-Ural (Kazan) region and Caucasus as well as significant populations in Moscow and other major cities. The River Volga has symbolic meaning in Russian culture and is often referred to as Volga-Matushka (Mother Volga) in Russian literature and folklore. Islamic rule peaked under Sultan Muhammad Öz Beg, Khan of the Golden Horde, and once upon a time, even Moscow was under the dawlah of Amir Timur (Tamerlane). Unlike other Muslim minorities in Europe, Russian Muslims are not considered foreign immigrants but natives who form an integral part of Russian society. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Russia won 23 gold medals, 10 of which were obtained by indigenous Muslim athletes! Whether you’re in the Muslim republics of the Volga-Ural Basin, the Caucasus or one of the country’s great cities, our travel to Russia is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with its history, culture, art, food and the current state of Islam and Muslims in Russia.

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