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О городе

今天莫斯科是正式的家庭,约三百万穆斯林的每年数量庞大的劳工移民从中亚。 一些伊斯兰教的信徒是什么,但四(!) 清真寺。 缺乏清真寺用于替换大约15礼拜场所,但那是不够的。 最近,在祈祷的穆斯林开始到分配会展中心设计为30万人的崇拜者。 其余的时间用于执行强制性祈祷,穆斯林被迫挤在祈祷室、穆斯林购物、清真的咖啡馆和餐厅、伊斯兰组织,并甚至公寓租金,它们加入的游客。 穆斯林,然而,非常活跃。 首都约有50个不同的非营利性的穆斯林组织。 因此,除了传统的俄罗斯伊斯兰教教育机构、慈善基金会和青年组织,成功地发展中的穆斯林社会和政治媒体、儿童教育和发展杂志、广播第一次伊斯兰电视、伊斯兰无线电、书籍出版。

Russia: Golden Horde Tatars & the Middle Volga

Spanning over eleven time zones and two continents, Russia is the largest country in the world with an array of rivers such as the mighty Volga, forests and towering mountains and a rich and at times tumultuous history stretching back centuries, the Land of the Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Tsars, Lenin and Stalin is a truly fascinating place to explore. Islam entered Russia via the Caucasus over a thousand years ago and Muslims now make up nearly 20% of the population with the majority strategically placed in the Volga-Ural (Kazan) region and Caucasus as well as significant populations in Moscow and other major cities. The River Volga has symbolic meaning in Russian culture and is often referred to as Volga-Matushka (Mother Volga) in Russian literature and folklore. Islamic rule peaked under Sultan Muhammad Öz Beg, Khan of the Golden Horde, and once upon a time, even Moscow was under the dawlah of Amir Timur (Tamerlane). Unlike other Muslim minorities in Europe, Russian Muslims are not considered foreign immigrants but natives who form an integral part of Russian society. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Russia won 23 gold medals, 10 of which were obtained by indigenous Muslim athletes! Whether you’re in the Muslim republics of the Volga-Ural Basin, the Caucasus or one of the country’s great cities, our travel to Russia is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with its history, culture, art, food and the current state of Islam and Muslims in Russia.

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